Tips for Jogging and Running with Dogs

A guest post by Phil

Running and  training with the dog

To start with, jogging or running is exhausting for a dog, even if sometimes it does not seem that way and you know your dog as a bright guy. Do not go jogging with a puppy or a puppy! The effort is too big for him, the muscles and bone are not yet sufficiently developed. Some breeds and dogs are not suitable for jogging due to their anatomy and nature.

The dog has a preferred trotting speed. Faster or slower he finds basically stupid and uncomfortable. Finding out what speed your own dog prefers is not done overnight.

Watch your dog closely and watch out for his body signals. Do not start running your dog earlier than at the age of 24 months and get in slowly. Remember how you yourself started running and also take breaks.

The welfare of the dog comes first

On warm days, you must move the runs to the early morning or evening, or even skip it. If the thermometer continues to rise in the spring and summer months and if it is also uncomfortably warm for us, then you do not walk with your four-legged friend.

Tempo and interval runs are basically nothing for a dog. I use it very carefully when my dog ​​is with me. If I really go to the limit, I leave the four-legged friends at home. It’s better for him and better for me.

Regularly check the ball of your dog’s foot: Long stretches on tar or on gravel roads can lead to blisters. An ointment so every two days keeps the bales of your four-legged friend supple. If you still get blisters or minor injuries, give your four-legged companion a break until the paws are well again.

Ideally, sensitive dog paws are cared for with a zinc cream. This is very good greasy, not water soluble and also not toxic to the dog if he licks his paws. Ideally, apply two, three times a week, then there are no cracks or blisters. For the winter and on snow there are special paw protection balms, so that no ice clumps form between bale and toe. That can be very painful.

By the way, for you as a runner there is a special harness to which a usually elastic leash is attached. However, I prefer to fix the usual leash on my drinking belt. This is a bit more stable from my experience.

Feeding time of the dog

Do not feed for an hour before a run. You also do not walk on a full stomach! And please take the feces of your four-legged friend. Even with a little bag in his hand, you can walk a few minutes to the next Robidog.

Behavior towards others

Avoid other dogs, walkers, joggers, cyclists and riders at a sufficient distance and always as quiet as possible. Let there be no conflict. Dogs do not have to “salute”, only we have this humanized relation to it. Your dog and the other dog owners will thank you.

Are you stressed or do you feel uncomfortable? Leave your companion at home and go alone on your round. Dogs react sensitively to their owner and feel when “something is in the bush”. So stress is inevitable and that does not do them any good.

How do I act as a runner?

Do not run head-on to a dog, whether he is leashed or not. A dog finds it strange and even threatening when someone runs head-on at him. Give yourself and the other dog enough space. Slow down the pace, turn your eyes away, soften when space offers.

Should a free-running dog run towards you, stop, turn your eyes away, turn away from him lightly and without any hectic movements. You give him an appeasement sign that he will respond to. Always stay calm, breathe in and out deeply.

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If you get closer from behind, you give the stroller with his four-legged friend a call sign: A short “hello” or “attention” is enough. Otherwise, both scare, the

Biped and his companion, terrible – especially if you stalk silently and suddenly appear next to dog and master.

I once had an experience with a jogger that appeared out of nowhere behind me. I was just as frightened as my boy, who then moved  to the runner and wanted to sniff him. He approached me furiously – an unfriendly and threatening gesture to the dog – to squeeze me and my dog ​​together. At first I could barely say a word. My request to make himself felt and now a few steps away from me and my dog, he replied with “I do not have anything!” The louder he screamed, the more nervous I became and my dog ​​…!

It is a togetherness, not a conflict. With calm, serenity, a friendly behavior and understanding one can avoid many a conflict. Then the running with Fido, the encounter with walkers and the runner who meets dogs should be easy for everyone.

Phil & dog

Phil is a participant in the initiative for non-violent dog training with his “Berger blanc suisse bitch” Taika.

He just wants to play – contribution in the running column Sandkorn.

Supplements of runners with dogs

Stefan: I have two obedient French shepherd dogs, which I have brought from a small run to run, the easy way my pace / interval or Trailläufe participate. And all without a leash. Pure fun! Keep on Running!

Supplement of you? Write us!

Remember that today we are dealing with breeding dogs to which we have bred beauty or “labor genes” for centuries. This was rarely for the dog’s benefit. We do not go for a walk with wolves and there are dogs where a run causes too many stimuli, making him feel unwell and insecure.

Jogging with the dog leash

comfortable harness for running with the dog

Put on your dog a comfortable harness. By no means a Halti (band that covers the mouth of the dog) and no collar. Both, especially the Halti, are extremely damaging to jerky movements of the dog or, worse still, of the Master’s cervical vertebrae. Imagine for yourself how uncomfortable it is to carry such a thing.

Leash your dog while jogging in general and give him enough leash, but only so much that he can not get from the sidewalk to the street. Please do not pull him behind you! If it runs slower, always adapt to its speed, not the other way around.

Give him the opportunity to do his business and snoop. Over time you will find that the ideal way to jog with the dog is always to give a sagging leash.

If the dog is deboned and you keep walking, he can not pee in peace or read the newspaper and has to rush after you every time. Even you as a keeper will have to give your free-running dog much more respect and less relaxed to run.