The Right Dog Grooming

A black and white spotted dog plays in the snow

The right coat care

To brush

Especially with long-haired furs, it is very important to have a regular haircut on the dog and if necessary to remove the felt. There are countless types of brushes on the market. Depending on the breed and type of coat, it would be advisable to inquire about the correct care utensils. With short-haired dogs, it is usually enough to drive over the coat about once a week with a soft brush or a grooming glove. For longer coats you should take the time once a day to comb the dog well.

To be considered while bathing

Now in the summer time, many dogs are happy about a long bath in the cool water. If the bath is not just for refreshment, but rather for grooming, it makes sense to use a dog shampoo. This also makes it easier to remove any vermin. It should be ensured in any case that no soap gets in the eye, ear or mouth.

The water temperature must always be observed and kept lukewarm. Since bathing the acid mantle on the sensitive dog skin is attacked in the short term, is to be foreseen from too frequent bathing. After the bath, the dog should be dried and brushed, depending on coat length. This applies both to the cleansing bath in your own home as well as for splashing in the summer.


Also the trimming or cutting of the hair is especially in warm weather a topic. Maybe the visit to a good dog barber is worth considering.

Cut claws

Usually the claws wring themselves off. Of course, it can happen that they get too long. How do I realize that they should be cut? If the tip of the claws touch the ground when standing, it should be shortened. If one dares to do this work as master or mistress himself, then caution is necessary, because in the claws are vessels and nerves, which must not be damaged under any circumstances. In case of uncertainties just ask a dog hairdresser or the veterinarian for help.

Healthy teeth in the dog

If you really like your bello, grab a toothbrush and go for it. If you prefer to do without it, you should take a look at chewing bones, chewing strips and the various toothpaste liqueurs that are so widely available on the market. By chewing tartar and plaque are easily rubbed off. However, if the dog is already suffering from tartar, then please go to the vet.

Eyes and Ears

In the dog, a secretion often forms in the corner of the eye. Especially with long-haired dogs sticks this liquid and can then lead to inflammation. The secretion should therefore be removed carefully. Also, the regular look in the ears should not be forgotten. However, it is strongly discouraged that a self-employed doctor should do this, as in the worst case this could lead to irreversible damage.

Ticks in the Dog

There is probably not a single dog owner who has not experienced it before. A tick has bitten itself in the skin and will not let go. For this there is the tick tweezers or a tick card. This pinches the tick underneath and gently pulls it away from the skin until it breaks loose. In no case may one crush the animal or turn it out by force or pull. When squeezing, namely, all bacteria and whatever else so ungustiösen content is present, transported directly into the dog. So it is important to get the tick and its head on the skin. If the dog gets a fever, then immediately to the vet with it, even dogs can get Lyme disease.

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The right care in winter

Most dogs do not mind the cold weather in winter. Due to their thick fur, they are well protected and warmed. Of course, there are also breeds or puppies, which have a very thin coat and therefore freeze easily. Even freshly cut or already a bit old dogs have naturally less warm coat. In this case, the possible aversion to good protection, such as in the form of a coat, to discard and give the heat of the dog priority.

The brushing of the fur is fairly seasons independent, so it must be maintained even in winter. Last but not least, because of the falling snow and the raging snow in the snow like to hang in the fur.

Even the paws need protection and care

Especially important in winter is the paw care. Salt and Kiesel spritz are the biggest enemy in this time of the dog. Therefore, the paws should be rinsed gently after the walk with lukewarm water. If the paws are already sore then a calendula or camomile ointment will help. Also not too despicable