There is absolutely nothing wrong with owning a mutt or mongrel dog, and the good news is that there is no evidence that they are any more or less happy than their pedigree cousins.

Mongrels can still be beautiful to look at, and even those that are not quite so aesthetically pleasing can have fantastic personalities and make brilliant pets and loving companions. The great thing about mongrels is that they are totally unique in every way – you’ll never see anyone with a dog that looks exactly like yours!


Pedigree: When you buy a pedigree dog you will receive papers giving full details of the dog’s family tree, going back at least three generations. Pedigree dogs are sometimes called purebreds.

Cross-breed: The (often accidental!) result of two different but recognized breeds mating. It may be easier to predict the characteristics of such a dog than it is for a mongrel, particularly if the breeds are from the same group, such as hunting or herding dogs.

Mongrel: The result of two dogs of unknown breeding mating. This unknown lineage means it can be difficult to predict how the offspring will eventually look and behave.


In the USA, mongrels are sometimes referred to as mutts, mixed breeds, mixies or ‘All Americans’ reflecting their unknown, multi-racial backgrounds! These dogs:


Look unique.

Often enjoy good health.

Cost less to buy.

Are readily available.

Are cheaper to insure.

Are less likely to be stolen.


May look cute as puppies but not necessarily as adults.

Can inherit behavior problems.

May be excluded from top showing or agility competitions.

May not be fully vaccinated.


There are over 400 pedigree breeds to choose from. With these dogs:


You know exactly what the dog will look like.

Health problems and behavior traits are predictable.

You will be buying a dog fully vaccinated against disease.

A properly recorded family tree will be provided along with the dog.

Breed clubs can provide advice and support.


Your puppy will be expensive to buy.

You may have to wait months for availability.

Your pet may be targeted by thieves.

Some are prone to health problems.