How To Wash Your Dogs Face?

You will learn how to wash your dog’s face without soap in his eyes. By washing your dog’s face in this way, preventing him from getting water in his ears that can cause infection. Here’s how to wash your dog’s face. What you

Dog Wash cloths

Dog shampoo Need

Bathtub with water

show further instructions

1.Before you start your dog bath, start by washing his face. As with humans, no one likes to face washing after they use the same water or washcloths to wash the rest of their bodies. So getting your washcloths wet and wiping your face with dogs makes sure its fur is wet enough for the shampoo to foam. Now pour a small amount of shampoo on the washcloth and rub the cloth against yourself to get the shampoo to foam.

2.gently start rubbing your dogs face with the washcloth. Be careful not to get too close to the eyes. As well as wash the top of his head and the outside of the ears with the washcloth

3.After washing his face, ears and top of his head are done, rinse the washcloth until no more soapy water comes out of the cloth. Now dip the washcloth in the water and do not wring out the water. Immediately take it to your dog’s face and begin slowing down squeezing the water over his muzzle and face. When rinsing the ears and the tip of his head, make sure to wring the water until it does not drip, but let the cloth wet. Then wipe his head and ears so as to keep water out of his ears and eyes. Wipe until no more air bubbles visible on the fur, rinse the cloth as often as it may take.