Plunge Your Dog – It Strengthens the Relationship

All puppies should be brushed daily – not just because it’s good for the skin and coat. By brushing, your puppy also learns to accept being touched by humans. Strengthens the relationship between you. You will also get to know the body of your dog. This will help you to recognize potential health problems that he may have at a young age.

The grooming starts!

You should brush your dog every day, no matter how long his coat is. Most dogs like to be brushed and caressed – especially if you get used to them early. First brush the puppy only briefly and with its own special hairbrush. It’s enough if you touch it all over your body. Extend the nursing time gradually. If he likes it and keeps it quiet, stop caring and reward it – for example with a walk or a meal. So your puppy learns that he will be rewarded if he keeps still, and the brushing will be even easier for him and for you. Brushing on the table: If you sometimes brush your puppy on a table, he will get used to it. This pays off at the next vet visit or in the groomer. Sensitive parts of the body: Your puppy’s head is very sensitive, so be extra careful brushing it there. If you notice discharge from the ears or eyes, contact your veterinarian. If your puppy is wriggling, hold it tight with both hands until it stops. Talk to him and praise him every time he stops.

How to Trim Your Dog

You may want to trim your puppy’s fur every now and then, especially around the eyes, ears and paws. You can easily do that yourself. If your puppy’s breed needs a specific haircut, get tips from a professional dog groomer. The claws: Examine the claws of your puppy regularly and keep them well cut so they do not tear, because that can be very painful. You can also do the shortening of the claws yourself. If you do not feel confident, just get in touch with your veterinarian or a professional dog groomer. When you cut the claws yourself, make sure they are not too short. The claw tips are very sensitive, they could bleed and hurt.

Bath time!

For dogs there are almost as many bath products as for people. They are better for dog fur than human shampoo. Opt for a dog shampoo that is specially Needs of the coat of your dog is tuned. Long fur matted faster, gets dirty faster and more often and needs a regular wash. Take care that the puppy does not get soap in the eyes when washing! The puppy-proof bath: Put a non-slip mat in the bathtub so your puppy can not slip or fall and feel safe while bathing.

Pet Grooming – yes or no?

Most dogs can take care of themselves. It’s fun and solidifies the relationship with your pet, so you’ll probably want to take time to look after it. However, if your puppy belongs to a large, long-haired breed, it will need more care later. The cutting of the fur and the shortening of the claws should then be done by a professional. Surely you want your dog to enjoy the treatment by the pet groomer. Get information about the salon and talk to dog owners who know this salon. Your vet can also help you with the selection of a professional dog groomer and recommend you addresses.