Designer Dogs – When several hundreds of dog breeds are no longer sufficient

Designer dogs are not just a huge trend in the US. Also here with us these special Mischlinge arrived long ago.

Designer dogs list:

The idea – to mix the best of two breeds of dogs

Pudel often mixes with the designer dogs

All dogs need time and at least basic equipment

Designer dogs list

Aussiedoodle = Australian Shepherd x Poodle

Buggle = English Bulldog x Beagle

Chiweenie = Chihuahua x Dachshund

Cockapoo = American Cocker Spaniel x Poodle

Doxiepoo = poodle x dachshund

Goldendoodle = Golden Retriever x Poodle

Labradoodle = Labrador x Poodle

Maltipoo = Maltese x poodle

Puggle = Pug x Beagle

Retromops = Pug x Jack Russell

Schnoodle = Schnauzer x Poodle

Westiepoo = West Highland White Terrier x Poodle

Yorkiepoo = Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle

Of course this is not a complete list of designer dogs

The idea – to mix the best of two breeds of dogs

The idea is simple: Take two different dog breeds and mix them together to make a new one. With the poodle you take the Labrador, who is very popular with his characters and character and mixes it with the non-hairy poodle. The result is, ideally, the Labradoodle and if the Pudelgene prevail, then it is the ideal dog for allergy sufferers. If it is a little smaller, then you cross the poodle just with the Cocker Spaniel. What results in a cockapoo.

However, creating designer dogs is not mathematics. So it can happen that the poodle genes do not prevail (at least not as far as the fur dress is concerned) and then instead of a designer dog you get a hairy Labrador poodle hybrid.

The idea with the designer dogs is not new. After all, dog breeding has been around for centuries. Already in the 17th century one wanted to receive dogs with certain characteristics. Some needed dogs that could take good care of sheep, others attached importance to the hunting skills of the four-legged friends. And others just wanted lap dogs. There are many reasons for the different facilities in a purebred dog.

You did not know genetic engineering, but you just took the dogs or their offspring and bred with those that you thought would come closest to what you wanted to get in the end. Many of the breed dogs we know today came into being like this. Through targeted selection and targeted mating.

Also at the beginning of many newer dog breeds was often just a designer dog. Even if this is not always easy. Since the individual designer dog itself is already a hybrid and it also just makes it mixed-breed, can be predicted neither in essence nor in appearance, what comes out at a mating. Miraculous bags. Incidentally, this not only affects looks and nature, but also health.

Nevertheless, there are, for example, especially in the Labradoodle, quite ambitions away from the designer dog and to come to pure breeding. At some point, they want to have a new breed, at the beginning of which was the idea of ​​creating a new breed from the best plants of two different breeds of dog. The Labradoodle is not recognized by the FCI.

Pudel often mixes with the designer dogs.

When it comes to the designer dogs, it’s striking that the poodle mixes very often. He is the Hudn, who actually appears most often in designer dogs as a parent animal. That’s because of his coat. The poodle has no hair and is therefore considered to be suitable for allergy sufferers. Therefore, his offspring among the designer dogs are just as well suited for allergy sufferers. Since one can not be sure with a designer dog if he has inherited the right genes or genes, one should take the time and, as an allergic person, make the test himself with his chosen puppy.

All dogs need time and at least basic equipment

But whether it’s a purebred dog, a fashion dog, a mixed breed or even a designer dog (they’re also called hybrid dogs), each of these dogs needs a great home, with people who take their time. And of course a basic set of dog bed, dog bowl, dog leash and a great dog blanket. And most dogs have nothing against a great dog toy. It does not always have to be the rubber chicken or a squeaky toy, even a ball, a rope, even an old clean towel can inspire many dogs. Everything for the dog actually has everything a four-legged friend needs .

Whereby you can already ask: Why even designer dogs, with more than 300 alone recognized by the FCI breeds worldwide.