Reasons Why It Is Healthy To Sleep In Bed With Your Dog

A study has found that sleeping together with the furry darling can bring quite positive effects. Here are seven of them:

1) They are incredibly comfortable

Let’s face it, a dog’s coat is softer than any pad in the world.

2) It helps to reduce stress

The fact that the sole presence of a dog can often have positive effects on the stress center of humans is already shown in several studies with therapy dogs.

3) Dogs help to overcome insomnia

There have been many cases of people recovering from insomnia since they spent the night together in bed with their dog.

4) They give you the feeling of security

Having a watcher next to you can work wonders. Dogs are known to value the pack’s safety as extremely important and to recognize potential intruders and dangers at an early stage.

5) The body heat of your friend / girlfriend relaxes you

In nature, it is common for wolves to cuddle close to each other during the night to ensure a consistent body temperature during sleep. This instinct is still present in your four-legged friend. On cold nights a big plus.

6) It can help overcome depression

Unconditional love and acceptance are one of the biggest positive qualities in dogs. This feeling of security can work wonders.

7) Joint sleeping strengthens the relationship between you

Your pet appreciates that you let him / her sleep next to you. This vote of confidence can in many cases affect the relationship with the owner in a good way.