Learn How To Retrieve: 7  Steps To Success

Retrieving means that the dog picks up a certain object in response to a sound signal and ideally puts it into the person’s hand. For home use, it is “emergency” even if your dog puts the object reliably at your feet. There are breeds of dogs, such as the retrievers, to whom retrieving has been established as a breed-specific trait. But other dogs have fun and can learn it.

Dog Learns To Retrieve

Retrieve can be learned. With the 7 steps from this article, you will get a lot closer to your goal.

The advantages of retrieving: Retrieving has many advantages. It can easily be incorporated into any walk with little equipment and puts the dog out physically and mentally. It promotes the human-dog relationship because four- and two-legged people work together. Since the dog may ultimately run only with permission, the training also promotes obedience. To aid in bringing, you should always praise the dog when carrying something – no matter what it is. If he has taken something “forbidden”, lure him to him and exchange it for a small treat.

But beware: Make sure that your dog makes no fun of it and brings you the sofa cushions every 5 minutes .

Tips To Learn To Fetch

Step1: Find a not too hard, well-worn object, eg. As a retrieving dummy or a specific toy. We recommend a food dummy.

Step2: Leash the dog. Make the subject interesting for him by engaging in it with excitement. Let him watch you fill the food dummy with delicious bites and then feed your dog with a bite.

Step3: If the dog is also clearly interested, they throw the dummy away and let the dog run after with “Bring”. Attention: The leash must be loose and stay! Once he has taken the object, praise it and lure it to him. Also praise him for holding. Then take your dog’s dummy z. B. with “off” from. Practice with the food dummy, give it now quickly the reward from the dummy. So the dog soon links that it is worthwhile if he picks it up and puts it in your hand. If that works well, continue with the 4th step.

Step4: Leave the dog unencumbered next to you and remove yourself four or five meters after the command “Sitz”. Turn to the dog, place the dummy on the floor in front of you and crouch down. Call your dog now. He will come, pick up the dummy and give it to you as usual. The risk that your dog with the dummy “scratch the curve” is almost zero, since he only gets the loot from you. Reward him. If he does that well, he will come

Step5: Gradually move the dummy towards the dog and extend the distance between yourself and the dog.

Step6: Now place the dummy a few meters in front of the dog and send it from the sitting position with the command “Bring” to the dummy. Gradually you continue to build the practice.

Step7: Searching is also fun. Put your dog on the side of the road and let him watch if you go with the dummy a few meters into the forest and leave the dummy there somewhere. Come back to your dog and send it off with “Search”. If necessary, go with him and help him.