The 9 Best Tips to Find a Cheap Pet Camera 

Is the idea of ​​being separated from your beloved pet overwhelming you? There are the best pet cameras here so you do not have to worry.

Pet Like A Baby

Many pet owners suffer from different degrees of separation anxiety once they are separated from their pet. Having a helpful, interactive pet camera can be the best way to eliminate unreasonable fears when you can not be with your pets.

It’s important to consider these helpful tips when choosing a camera for your dog, cat, fish or bird, especially if it’s the first camera.

1.Select an interactive pet camera with two-way audio

A pet camera equipped with a two-way communication microphone and speaker allows you to communicate with your backward chihuahua or kitten and your pet to answer you instantly. So you can talk well with your lonely treasure.

Pet Camera

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More importantly, two-way communication allows you to scold them or give orders in case your dogs or cats like to cause havoc or damage your precious collection while you’re away. It could be fun to use this feature for the first time. Your little darling could dramatically react to the device.

A cat owner told us her funny story. “When I talked to my cute cat about an interactive cat camera with a built-in hands-free kit from next door, she mistakenly thought that the voice came from the upper floor. She raised her head and stared at the ceiling with puzzled eyes and a confused expression on her face. ”

Curious cat

She had to laugh when she saw her cat’s expression, and she must have laughed for half an hour while making fun noises on the speakerphone. Maybe you will have such fun, if you try the device. But you should train your pet properly first and get it to remember your microphone voice.

2.Select a pet camera with livestream

When it comes to the safety of your sweetheart, you can never be too careful. This is especially true if you also have small children at home. We need to make sure that we are always attentive and aware of the different situations in which our dogs and cats can get into it.

An app for the pet camera can help. Similar to the apps that allow dogs to be tracked outdoors, indoor or in-camera web apps or mobile apps allow you to remotely control and watch livestream on your phone or laptop no matter where you are just when you log in to the internet.

Pet Camera With Livestream

In order to provide more security for your house and your family, it is advisable to use an app for home and animals. The Reolink app, for example, is an efficient solution for your pets and your home.

3.Select a wireless pet camera that is easy to set up

You’re pleased to see you’ve got a pet camera, but as soon as you open the package, you’ll feel frightened or frustrated by the complicated installation. Especially for enemies of technology or those for whom every technique poses a particular challenge, building up seems to be an impossible undertaking.

Wireless Wi-Fi pet cameras could save you from this torment.

Wireless WLAN pet camera

4.Choose a pet camera with strong and consistent Wi-Fi.

One user complained in an Internet forum about the stability of the Wi-Fi network signal from some IP pet cameras and said, “If a Wi-Fi IP camera is used, the camera is not reliable.”

You may be wondering what that could be for a solution. Smart customers choose a pet camera that is suitable for 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. As more and more devices use 2.4GHz, the GHz band gets narrower and overcrowded. 5.8 GHz is the better choice to guarantee a fast connection of your WLAN and your dog camera.

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Unlike traditional wireless connections, a dual-band Wi-Fi pet camera with 2T2R (2-way to receive and 2 to transmit) MIMO (multi-sizing system) antennas will minimize errors, ensure speed, and prevent wireless signal disruption that happens with individual antennas.

Dual band wifi camera

5.Select a pet camera with excellent night vision

Night vision allows you to see objects even when the light is dim. This technology is widely used on the military battlefield. A night vision pet camera keeps track of your best friends in the dark, providing extra security.

Most pet cameras have a night vision function. The possibilities, however, are quite different; It is advisable to first research the range and angle of the night vision function. A pet camera with motion tracking and a night vision range of up to 9 meters is considered Premium.

However, many pet owners are also concerned about the effects infrared light could have on their animals. It has been scientifically proven that dogs can recognize a wider spectrum of light than the human eye. There is no scientific evidence that the infrared light emanating from cameras is bad for pets.

6.Select a high definition pet camera

For each pet owner, it is particularly important to select a pet camera, such as a dog camera, cat camera, rabbit camera or fish camera, which has excellent video quality. These can provide the pet owner with clearer and sharper videos and images than the blurry images of an old-fashioned camera that affect the experience.

1080p VS 720p

There are cameras with different resolutions. Cameras with 1080p (2 megapixels) are considered Full HD and sufficient and guarantee a satisfactory viewing experience, not just every smallest

Detail captured or every movement of your dog is recorded, but incidentally also beautiful memories of your pet are created.

7.Select a pet camera with pan, zoom and tilt function

Unlike portable dog monitor or other pet monitor used outdoors, indoor pet cameras should offer the zoom function as well as the ability to change the position of the monitor horizontally or vertically (pan, tilt).

A PTZ camera offers a better experience as it can rotate and tilt, allowing it to see a larger area, avoiding blind spots and allowing your dog to be seen from different angles.

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With such ingenious features, handling the camera to capture video or take snapshots of your adorable pet is easy. Sharing these fun or cute snapshots on Facebook or Twitter can bring you lots of fun. In addition, these very special snapshots of your best friend can be stored using an NVR (Network Video Recorder).

8.Pet cameras with motion detection are a bonus

A motion detection pet camera triggers alerts and automatically sends emails or notifications as soon as motion is detected. This is especially helpful when your dogs or cats like to break things down, with things lying on the ground, playing or just being wild, destroying your home.

In addition, smart pet cameras with motion detectors can reinforce your entire security system, deterging burglars and reducing the risk of burglary.

From time to time it may happen that a false alarm is triggered. However, unwanted triggers can be avoided by adjusting the sensitivity of the motion detectors or by pointing the cameras in directions that are less moving.

9.Select a pet camera that fits your budget

After learning more about all these great features, you’ll want to quickly get a camera for your sweetheart. But do not forget your budget. If you’re considering buying a pet camera with all the features previously mentioned, the price could be a bit overwhelming.

For example, a Dropcam Wireless Wireless Video Surveillance Camera costs $ 219.49, and image and video storage is not included in the price. That amounts to $ 50 or more a year.

If you can not afford much and buy a cheaper camera ($ 30 or so without specific features), you may think that this product is not as reliable when it comes to quality.

A Reolink IP Camera C1 Pro would be the best choice. It costs $ 84.99 (a very good price / performance ratio) and offers a whole range of features, such as HD video, PTZ, two-way communication, excellent night vision, motion-triggered recording and storage of photo snapshots on your phone, tablet PC or computer.

In conjunction with the use of a NVR (Network Video Recorder), for example, a Reolink NVR is compatible with many Reolink security products, saving you monthly storage costs. An alternative solution would be to use a free software, such as Reolink Client, to turn your PC or Mac into an FTP server where IP cameras can upload videos and snapshots