10 Child Friendly Dog Breeds

There is hardly a child who does not at some point express the desire to own a dog. If the parents […]

There is hardly a child who does not at some point express the desire to own a dog. If the parents want to fulfill this wish, the question usually comes up, which dogs are best suited for children. Or it may be that you are playing with the idea of ​​getting a dog anyway. But if you have children, then the question is asked which dog fits best.

The important thing is that you know you can not just buy a dog that is said to be fond of children and automatically the dog and child become best friends. Every dog ​​needs education, because child love in itself is not a breed characteristic of a dog.

However, there are some characteristics that suggest that the dogs are more suitable for children.

Dogs for Kids: The Top 10

Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is prized as a very good-natured animal. A popular saying among the breeders and lovers of these dogs is that a Golden Retriever would welcome a burglar in a friendly manner and help him carry the stolen goods rather than attack him.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a herding dog with a very gentle nature and a pronounced protective instinct. He can be educated very well and is considered very fond of children.


The boxer is even known for his loving interaction with children. However, he should still be given the opportunity to romp around with his conspecifics.


The Samoyed is the dog that looks like he’s always smiling. But the way he looks, his nature is also: friendly, open-minded and very sociable.

Jack Russell

The Jack Russel is said to be like any terrier, that he is not easy to educate. These little lively guys like to romp about their lives and are very suitable as a playmate for children. However, he also needs one who tells him where to go, otherwise he dances around quickly on the nose.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A popular family dog ​​who also guards the house and farm is the Bernese Mountain Dog. He is very sociable and should not be upset even by small children.

Cocker spaniel

When looking for dogs for children, you will come across the Cocker Spaniel again and again. The Cocker Spaniel is a meek and faithful animal that can be kept in the home, provided you have plenty of exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A cheerful and alert dog is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. To the attaching and playful animal the contact with humans is very important. He should also get along well with other animals.

Basset hound

Also the Basset is a very good-natured dog, to whom a close contact with the family is very important and which hardly brings anything from the rest.

German Pinscher

The German Pinscher is a very adaptable and alert dog breed, which can be well integrated into the family.


There was probably a time when only a dog was called when dogs were searched for children. This was of course due to his famous colleague. But once Lassie left out, the Collie is really a very intelligent and uncomplicated dog, which adapts very well to the living conditions and is ideal for family and children.