These are the 15 Largest Dog Breeds in the world

These four-legged friends are absolutely gigantic. Nevertheless, many of the giants have an extremely meek nature. Here are 15 of the biggest representatives with a cold muzzle.

I have the mane nice, “would be the song for the Tibetan Mastiff. The Colossi are an average of 83 inches tall and weighs 72 pounds. In addition, this extreme fur mass … actually a perfect cuddly partner.

The Boerboel is a South African dog breed and is quite heavy: With a height of 70 cm, he brings an average of 100 pounds on the scales. The giants are considered extremely intelligent and good.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a very popular Mastiff breed. On average, they are 70 kg and 75 cm tall. He is used primarily as a guard and Schutzhund.

The Irish Wolfhound comes, as its name suggests, from Ireland and is mainly known for its size. Although they are not as solid as others, they are on average 86 cm high.

The Newfoundlands originate from Canada and have often been used as sled dogs for heavy loads. Today, they are often used as water or companion dogs, due to their friendliness and their balance.

The Bordeaux Great Dane or French Mastiff could easily keep up with small ponies. The old French dog breed is not quite as big as others on the list, but at least throws an average weight of 68 kilograms in the ring. Unfortunately, the breed is very susceptible to disease.

The German mastiff is known for its size. The breed has most often held the record for the largest live dog. They are on average up to 76 cm tall, but there are exceptions. For example, Zeus, who died in September 2014. He was amazing 112 cm tall.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog comes from Turkey and is not a breed in itself. Thus, different shepherd dogs and bastards of purebred dogs, such as the Kangal called. Generally, however, these dogs can be up to 85 cm tall and weigh 64 kilograms.

Landseer are very similar to the Newfoundland – and are just as big. They can be 80 cm tall and over 80 kg heavy. The dogs are known for their gentle character and good learning ability.

Kangal is a Turkish breed of shepherd dogs. They grow up to 81 cm tall and weigh 66 kg. First in motion, the giant is also pretty fast: he can reach 50 km / h.

St. Bernards are a very popular dog breed from Switzerland. The extremely gentle dogs can reach incredible sizes: 90 cm and 120 kg. The most severe Saint Bernard was called Benedictine and brought a whopping 166 kilos on the scales.

The Deerhound breed, or deer dog, comes from Scotland and is especially popular with hunters. They are used in the hunt. The Scottish nobility kept the breed in the Middle Ages as a companion dog. They are about 76 inches tall and weighs 45.5 pounds.

The Caucasian Ovcharka is a Russian breed that has existed for more than 600 years. They are 70 cm tall and are certainly no lap dogs with about 50 kilos.

The Komondor dogs look especially funny. They are sometimes also called mop-dogs. Where does that come from? They are about 70 cm tall and 50 kilos schwa.

Leonberger, or “the gentle lions” are a very massive German dog breed. They have an average height of 75 cm and weigh about 68 kilograms. They are considered fantastic family dogs that have a very friendly and loyal nature.